Buzzy Wraps

organic beeswax food wraps

Cape Candles has partnered with Buzzy Wraps to produce beeswax food wraps, the natural and sustainable alternative to plastic food storage. The wax wraps are carefully handmade using 100% cotton infused with all natural African beeswax, jojoba oil and food grade tree resin. They are sustainable, environmentally responsible alternative to plastic bags and cling film  – and make for a great presentation on the kitchen table. Visit the Buzzy Wraps Website for more detailed information.

organic beeswax food wraps

Custom Candles

Cape Candles supplies a wide variety of custom-made candles and can manufacture a range of bespoke pillar candles for all occasions in custom colours, fragrances and finishes. Our selection of giant multi wick pillar candles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Included in our bespoke range are ball candles, church candles, large pool floating candles and luminaries. We also make  make hand-dipped taper candles in  various diameters up to 50cm tall.

Cape Candles also does filling of container candles for specialist shops and boutiques, event and wedding planners as well as private customers. We have a wide range of colours and scents available that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs… get in touch with us for more detailed information.

Below are some examples of custom made candles:hand made candles cape townAbove (Left and Middle): Tall dinner candles. Above (Right): Grecian Tapers

hand made floating candles cape townAbove: Large Pool Floating Candles

Top Left: Custom Pillars (varying heights & diameters) Top Right: Multi Wick Candle. Bottom Left: Custom Filled Champagne Container Candles. Bottom Right: Christmas Candles